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Creative IT solutions in every Time Zone

We transform businesses with powerful and adaptable solutions that fit your roadmap with our integrative customer centric approach.

Our Approach 

We work by understanding and adapting our skills to your needs. We constantly scale our IT services and solutions against global quality standards.

Our Strengths 

Our teams are experts at providing Creative Software Solutions, Design and Mobile Development, IT and Infrastructure Setup, Remote DevOps, UX and User Onboarding Improvements, Research and Business Analytics, and Project and Product Managment. 

Versatility as a Default

We create technical and organizational solutions that are always adaptable to a multitude of different use cases, situations, and environments; and can thrive (not just survive) in the mercurial global marketplace.  

Customer Focused Software Design

We work with you to understand the needs and dreams of your customers, to create memorable, meaningful and loyalty building applications and processes.

Speed through

Our rapid development and deployment comes from continuously improving and perfecting our planning  and managment methodologies, not by relying on crunch or quality shortcuts.

Clarity through Data

Data is a path, not a tool. We forge innovative solutions for data preparation, analysis, and visualization imbuing your infrastructure with the power of immediate data analytics and iterative machine learning. 


Our i3 Philosophy


There is always a bigger picture. A creative solution to any problem. A 3rd way. Projects that fail to imagine fail to soar.


Every process can learn from and improve on the creativity and solutions of previous builds. We learn from our peers across the world, but chart our own course. We don’t want to reinvent the wheel for you, we want to build you a flying car.


Any idea, concept or tool needs a roadmap for becoming indispensable. We excel at adding social design to technical innovations. Because products that change the culture around them, are the products that last.

We Take Pride in Our Numbers


Years of Experience


Business Partners


Projects Delivered


Returning Clients


Countries Served

Our Strategic Partners


Are You Ready to Accelerate Your Business?

We see our clients as our creative partners. Besides the "What" of your project, we want to know the "Why" of your organization as a whole. What inspires you? What drives you? What do you want to be remembered for? 


Meaningful product design, that delights and inspires your users, comes from a blend of technical expertise, joyful design, and creative vision. So apart from the deadlines and the technical requirements, we always strive to imbue what we build with the mission and soul of your organization.

Soulful Design

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